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Message from the CEO

Agile•1 combines the best talent acquisition technology with an experienced managed services team, to create the industry's greatest value in workforce solutions.  We know that technology is only beneficial to the people who use it effectively.  We know that organizations need streamlined processes that strategically address specific human behaviors, in order to manage talent more efficiently. Our Agile•1 technology offerings are developed from our commitment to client and workforce harmony. Our approach to solution delivery exemplifies our commitment to mutual success with every partnership in which we engage.

The world of employment is adapting to the new evolution of business environments.  Global is no longer a 'new' world concept.  Talent management technologies must serve people on every continent, in every discipline, as one community. It must be evergreen. This is the power of Agile•1.

Experience our creativity, benefit from our solutions, enjoy our growth, and value our commitment. We manage business intelligence using technology designed around people. 

Janice Bryant Howroyd